1971 Beyond Borders to create history in release here in Mollywood..!



We know that when it comes to create new milestones in Box office and also related to the release of movies here, Mohanlal is the best in Mollywood. Almost all the major box office records are in his hands here and he always breaks the records set by him and creates new ones with ease. His Puli Murugan had grossed over 150 crores and become the first ever Mollywood movie to touch that mark. Now, after Puli Murugan which released in 330 screens in India and MunthiiriVallikalThalirkkumbol which released in 337 screens all over India, Mohanlal is coming up with another big release named 1971 Beyond Borders.

As per reports, the release of 1971 Beyond Borders will create history in release as the Malayalam and Telugu version of this movie will hit the screens at the same time. There will be Hindi and Tamil versions for this movie as well. The Hindi version will be distributed by a big Bollywood banner. If reports coming in are to be believed, then it may get more than 450 screens allover India on April 7th, on the day of its release. If we add the Hindi and Tamil version to it, the total screen count will touch 700 as well. Major Ravi had directed this war drama and Haneef Muhammad produced it under the banner of Red Rose Creations.


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