Ankamaly diaries pirated print came online and producer filed complaint..!



Ankamaly Diaries is one of the big box office successes this year and the film is now running with packed houses all over Kerala and in gulf countries as well. This Lijo Jose Pellisserry movie written by Chemban Vinod Jose had 86 newcomers in lead roles. The film which released on the 3rdMarch had got fabulous mouth publicity and even critics given their thumbs up for this movie which has been made in a realistic yet entertaining manner. The performance from all the artists were great and they got appreciation from biggies like Mohanlal, Prithvi Raj, NivinPaulyetc as well. Now, a report is coming in that the pirated print of this movie had come online and producer Vijay Babu had filed a complaint in Anti-Piracy Cell as well regarding this issue.

Some Facebook pages also steamed this movie online along with various sites which uploaded the pirated print. The pirated print had come online as usual after the overseas release. Many times it has been noticed that the pirated print comes online mostly after the release of a movie in GCC/UAE market. Piracy is always a threat for cinema industry and now Malayalam movie industry is having a good period. So, people from the industry have to take extra care on this issue to continue this good period in Mollywood.



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