Marubhoomiyile aana Review


Marubhoomiyile aana Review

VKP – Biju Menon’s Marubhoomiyile Aana is a complete comedy thriller

V K Prakash’s latest outing ‘Marubhoomiyile Aana’, which stars Biju Menon, Premam movie fame Krishna Sankar and Samskruthy Shenoy, is a complete comedy entertainer as the name suggests. In the movie, the script writer Y. V. Rajesh and the director has beautifully executed a murder mystery with lot of humor and surprising moments.Marubhoomiyile aana Review

The movie revolves around Suku (Krishna Shankar),who goes to Qatar to accomplish a risky deal to get back all that he lost back in his village (including his love) to Kamalan (Lalu Alex). Suku realizes that he was been cheated in the deal and he does not know what to do. He comes up with a wicked plan to solve all his problems and comes back to to his village with a Arab sheik (Biju Menon) and rest of story forms plot of the movie.

The story may look ordinary but the making style of VKP and the scripting by Y. V. Rajesh makes movie stand out along other major releases. As we all expect of V K Prakash, Marubhoomiyile Aana is also visually pleasing. The cinematography was handled by Ajay David Kachappilly and the music by Ratheesh Vega is soothing and engaging.

When talking about the acting department, the acting maverick, Biju menon has excelled in his performance as a rich Arab Sheik. Krishna Shankar, Samskruthy Shenoy, Lalu Alex and all other cast has done extremely well.

The movie was produced by David Kachappilly underthe banner David Kachappilly Productions and was released on 12th August across Kerala.

Verdict: Marubhoomiyile Aana is worth a watch for those who love to laugh.


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